Using All My Colors

artist of life


“We are all artists of life. Allow yourself to create the life you truly desire.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

“Use fewer colors,” the followers say. ” You’re too varied and too difficult to understand and that scares us.”
“I’m grateful for every beautiful color,” I reply.  “Your sad gray scale existence petrifies me, saddens me and confuses me. ”

“Your colors are too bright,” the muted ones say. ” Let us throw these shady colors on you.”
“Your shade only works for you and those like you,” I reply.  “True colors always shine through in the end…for all of us. I’m not worried when my true colors are showing.”

“You can’t change your mind about the colors you use,” the judges say. “You can’t change who you are or who you’ve been.”
“I love who I am,” I reply.  “I love all of these beautiful colors, especially the dark ones that provide such a rich primer for the brighter colors layered atop them. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Your colors are so different from ours,” the insecure ones say. “You should change your colors to match ours.”
“Your colors aren’t mine to wear” I reply, “they are yours.  I would not chose them for myself nor have you chose them for me. You are not the artist of my existence.”

“Stop making a mess and wasting your colors,” the nervous ones say. “You need to paint carefully, stay in the lines and don’t make any mistakes.”
“One day I had to start all over again…a fresh canvas,” I reply. “There are no lines anymore.  I am free to make my own choices…my own mistakes. It’s so much better this way.”

“You’re beautiful to me,” the special ones say.  “Keep painting. Keep using all of your colors.  Keep being you.”
“Thank you, my friend” I reply. ” I love you, too.”